Reza Ebrat


Entrepreneur in IT and Oil & Gas. Founding Partner of ThemisYu with a known financial network and knowhow in the IT/Finance market. Mr Ebrat’s core value is honesty and commitment and that value surges through the Partner selection for ThemisYu.

Magnus Oldin


Experienced board member for several payment and financial companies such as, Rahaxi/Freestar currently traded on Nasdaq.

Francisco de Borbon


Francisco is originally from the great Spanish royal family and has a background in many businesses including banking, mining, commodities. Currently involved in global banking projects in US, Latin America EU and Africa and ME.

Anders Andersson


Anders has a very long successful background within all types of banking projects, both in Sweden and internationally, currently Key account manager and main project and processing manager at Nordea bank.

Staffan Averman

IT Specialist

Staffan has a very long experience within in software/web development and design. Former CTO of several upcoming IT companies in Sweden.

Markus Johansson

Advisory board

Trade and Analytic expert, from Catella Bank, and Handelsbanken

Ketan Seth

Advisory board

With a career in finance, commodity trading and global investment, built over the course of 15 years , Ketan Seth is a Director for the Blockchain Commission benefitting the UN, co-founder of Alpha Trading, and a Board Member of an International Bank.

B Burnard

Advisory board

Entrepreneur in finance and hospitality. Strong relationships with the banking sector and world governments. Strategical partner since the birth of VXL.