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We offer the best payment solutions

Focused solutions

There are many components to a payment solution. VXL provides them all. When clients sometimes needs a specific component to finalize its project. VXL provides this with precision.

Total solutions

VXL provides the total solution and does this efficiently. Everything from IT to security,  banks, cards, accounts, designs and much more.

Tailor made solutions

Some clients need specialized solutions that may be aimed for a special purpose. Therefore they don't need all components but may need some specific ingredient to create a solution specifically tailored for their private network.

New Markets

We can help you with markets that are hard to handle. The situation with for instans gaming related transactions is as you know complex. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get a higher approval rate.


If you are looking for consultation on any aspects of the payment solution VXL can assist you. VXL consults in all aspects and are known to consult from ground levels to top board room levels. Any requiered consultation, VXL provides it.


Nothing is more important than security, but security comes in more shapes then just a pin-code. VXL provides everything from client security matters, to IT infrastructures, systems, liability structure and storage security, to name a few.