VXL will provide all necessary services to ensure that the client always
have the best payment solutions tailored to their needs and services.



The MERCHANT solutions of VXL is called VXL DYNAMIC PAYMENTS. Its focus is on the Merchant side of the business and handles all inquiries no matter the merchant´s geographical situation or type of operation. The Merchant branch is led by Joachim Pettersson (Europe) and Tyson Graham (North America). Geographical locations outside of Europe and North America are today handled from the head office in Madrid and the tech office in Stockholm.


VXL Payment Solutions provides global merchants with a complete set of dynamic transaction services. These services provide the clients with full payment structure, technical means and dynamic brand codes. Dynamic Transactions helps the client to protect and secure its own interests towards customers and regions independent of the type of the payment method or customer solutions. Other payment services are among our preferred customers. Dynamic Transactions enable customers and clients to interact seamlessly and safe with all types of payments like Credit and debit cards or direct or mobile payments. This helps the clients and their customers to have a quick transaction history, were theclient doesn’t lose any customers based on inconvenience or impatience. Dynamic Transactions constantly keeps up and ahead of with future technology and payment methods.


The GOVERNMENTAL branch of VXL focuses mainly on emerging markets and governments. Clients ranges from central banks to factions within governments that handle a specific merchant area or hole country's. The Governmental branch is lead from the Head Office in Madrid.

As the VXL Gateway is a truly international not bound to any specific region, the PSP follows the AMLA laws in accordance with its global guidelines and ethics. VXL also connects the PSP to several unconnected Acquiring Banks with different geographical locations to create a both legal but alsopoliticalredundancy for VXL’s clients.

The technology is privately owned by VXL and developed together with Certitrade in Sweden. Other company's that has aided VXL in its development in deferent fields are Zensed (Chargeback) andMonex (Currency exchange).

The team of VXL is highly competent and exercises the highest of NDA-security protocols to protect all clients information and visions.


A branch within a government in the Asia-Pacific region has asked VXL to work with them as they wish to re-structure the management of all online gambling related transactions. The secondary objective is to gain control over both the flow and to audit the active Merchants. VXL’s team are involved both as advisors in the legal re-structuring of the branch but also heads the technical process. It provides the Gateway and full payment processing, Acquiring and auditability.



Meaning that the PSP is not restricted to any specific Bank or Region. VXL don’t have any "Geographical" or branch limitations. Most solutions don’t work in different countries. We have a secure solution with redundancy at the acquiring end.


Meaning that there are no white label providers between the VXL PSP, the bank and the Client. This provides both a security layer were communications are direct between customer, client, PSP and bank. But also a significant drop in cost because there are no other parties in between.


VXL PSP is a privately owned structure that relies on no-one else outside. This does not mean that VXL does not work globally and with other service providers to constantly increase its products and services portfolio, and technically develop forward. It simply means that if there is an issue, the issue gets solved internally and quickly as VXL does not have to wait for any thirdparty response.


VXL has a unique pricing model that works automatically with the client. On the first approach, the KYC DD and previous history of the client sets the price. But as a transparent company in that sense that our clients will have full understanding for margins and services, VXL's automatic settlement system and auditor monitors the clients last three months of processes and objectively determines the price for the following three months. Meaning that if a client works on keeping a smoother chain from customer to client and keeps the chargebacks down while at the same time improves its own services, the price will automatically drop at VXL.


MONEX SYSTEM provides VXL with its Global Exchange Service allowing VXL clients to benefit on something that has been a cost to your customers until now.

The basis of the service is to “hijack” the Exchange profit (4%) made by (in this example) MasterCard and the issuing card bank (1%+3%) and charge the same exchange rate through MONEX. Allowing you, the client, to gain from your customers. By retrieving a certain % of the exchange cost that the customer is already paying.

DCC generates an additional revenue stream for VXL Clients. The VXL cohesive strategy creates longterm, repeatable and reliable revenue with solutions tailored to Clients needs which guarantees Cardholder fairness to all participants of the DCC process and encourages recurrent acceptance.

DCC is a specialist service which allows non-domestic credit card transactions to be processed in the Cardholder's home currency. The Cardholder is offered a convenient option to pay in the currency of their credit card or the currency of the country in which they are making a purchase or ATM cash withdrawal. On acceptance of DCC by the Cardholder, the transaction remains in the selected currency option throughout the processing and settlement stages. Both Merchant and Cardholder know the precise authorised transaction amount. 

Chargeback AI

VXL CARGEBACK AI (CAI) is a truly automated fraud prevention system with no reliance on human interaction. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence modelling the CAI platform is built to continually analyze and improve anti-fraud results and to monitor, react and adapt to new sources and trends in fraudulent activity.

VXL pass transaction information to CAI using our REST API. The CAI system uses this information and automatically cross references this data with fraud patterns and trends in the CAI proprietary modelling platform.

These pattern and trend models have been built and refined after analyzing millions of client transactions and the CAI machine learning platform is designed to continually improve results; the more data we receive the better CAI results get.

The CAI system rapidly analyses all the cross referenced patterns in the data related to the client transaction and provides a score presented as a risk percentage regarding how likely it is that the transaction will need to be refunded or will cause a chargeback.

Our Merchants have their own portal access to the CAI back office system where they can react to all their transaction results. Where a transaction has been identified as potentially fraudulent this is marked with a certain fraud risk percentage or in a certain risk group. The client then decides if they wish to block a transaction or perhaps add extra validation checks where a transaction is a border line case.

CAI presents the predicted outcome to the client with a score based upon likely fraud and risk of chargeback. The client can act on the CAI result as they choose although we do provide our experience and findings to Merchants as part of the business relationship as and when required. The client can at any time check up on a specific transaction to see why it was marked at a certain percentage. Upon looking up a transaction the client will see basic user information and key elements that was crucial when the system set its risk percentage.

Responsive back office reporting
Keep up to date with your transaction data, check your CAI logs from any device.

Intuitive reporting
Ease of use to search, sort, list and download your CAI data.

Eliminate fraud, maximize revenue
CAI can help you manage risky business without losing legitimate customers.

Straightforward integration
Connecting to our REST API is friction free, we will help and guide you through the integration process.

Card service


The capability of VXL is PAN-European card distribution VISA chip and PIN platform together with professional card management services In-house card technologies and client support and access to VXL card infrastructure and network partners.



As a part of Visa prepaid card program, VXL will provide the following services:

  • Fully branded cardholder websites
  • Mobile/ tablet compatibility
  • Review transactions / change personal details
  • IVR(Interactive Voice Response)
  • SMS commands: Card balance, lock/unlock card, last 3 transactions, card-to-card transfer, existing IVR



The VXL VISA/MasterCard will work anywhere the VISA/MasterCard trademark is displayed.


Customers with a VXL card can login to their VXL account on a smart phone, tablet or PC to request a load to their card. Within seconds funds are available. The customer can now choose between withdrawing cash at an ATM, or to purchase goods and services using their card online or in-store. VXL introduces the option of card-to-card transfer to your customers As an optional service, VXL canenable cardholderstosharemoney fromtheir card,toother VXL cardholders, securely andwithinseconds.



Give your cardholders a quick, secure way of accessing their account information. Applicationoverview:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Retrieve account balance information
  • Review card statements and recent transaction history
  • Report card lost or stolen

Side note

Anti-money Laundering (AML) As VXL prepaid cards will only be loaded from a single source, AML regulation becomes straight forward. Transactions are monitored for suspicious/fraudulent activity on a 24/7 basis by the dedicated VXL fraud monitoring system. This provides a safeguard against compromises on a cardholder level.

Yearly screening and background checks are included in the VXL management service.